Expense Zone

Expense management smart app

Easily manage your expense reports with Expense Zone and enjoy the best recognition technology on the market.!

Why use Expense Zone !

To Track your daily expenses and plan your monthly budget.


User Friendly, handy and accessible from any place.

Users Available

This App is designed for the individual users as well as for the company.

What if we make your life easier?

Money management is always complicated and most of the time you get to wonder where did all your money go and what are you spending all your savings on. In order to answer those questions we have created a very simple to use expense manager application that focuses on quality, simplicity and user friendliness. Your financial wellness depends very much on how well organized you are with your spending but it also helps if you are keeping an eye close to your incomes and family budget. Manage your money, track your expenses and organize your savings with ease by taking advantage of some of the great features that this application provides: Expensia is complete app to track your all the expenses bared by your pocket or bared by you & manage your personal finance. So that you can trace where your money goes as well as from where money comes in, you can limit & plan accordingly. A feature rich tracking application with numerous powerful tools like, Income/Expense, Bills, Accounts, Reports etc. Not only that, app has all the information yet not un-secure as it does not ask to save any sensitive data for its operations. Also features like Income/Expense, keep tracking of your incoming & outgoing flows, Bills maintain your recurring expenses & keep reminding you as your helping hand. Out of these features reports is a mind blowing Artificial intelligence based feature, that analyzes based on your data and gives graphical results of your income & expenses. Over all a powerful personal finance tool that keeps on improving your productivity, saves a time & helps you to save your money..

What if we make your life easier?

You hate expense reports, mileage costs, professional spending reimbursement procedures? Expense Zone was conceived and designed for you!

Do not waste your time

Do what you love to do and don't let your expense-management duty steal your time!

Increase your productivity

Take the right decisions! You’ll have a real-time visibility on your company expenses.

Save your money

Enjoy all the benefits of Expense Zone for one year for just the price of a fine restaurant!

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